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Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, like it or not, sandy has an impact on this campaign already. president obama and governor romney have both canceled more than a dozen events in key swing states over the next several days. maryland and the nation's capital heavily democratic areas canceled early voting for today. a decision on tomorrow will be made depending on how bad this storm gets. some virginia counties have suspended in-person absentee voting, and the labor department announced the final jobs report before the election could be delayed. the october numbers are scheduled to come out friday. the bigger picture here, in a race this close we know turnout is key for both candidates. if folks don't have power and worried about their home, some worry getting to the pols won't be a top priority. who stands to gain the most from this tough situation? let's go to the table, and look, i've seen a bunch of stuff out today, the political science research which i'm very skeptical of. i would say for an incumbent president you have to do something. there's a lot of risk. there's a lot of potential for making a mistake. on a mo
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
the hurricane, we're canceling tonights events with governor romney and president obama. >> the grief he would have taken if he decided to keep campaigning through it. i don't usually like to call out my fellow journalists especially on television. >> what we were trying to convey there was i was all over the map on this one. >> absolutely. >> but what i said at the beginning and after -- i said, look, i think you have no choice. we're a week out and we're down in ohio. he needs to find a way to make up the gap. if he really honestly stopping campaigning and president obama gets the spotlight for the next week. what has he done today? disaster relief event was held at the same place for the regularly scheduled political rally that would take place with the same cast of characters on stage with him at the regularly scheduled political rally. he's not making today an explicit pitch. sometimes saying i'm not political is one of it. there's nothing else he can do. i was all over the place yesterday, but i think my instincts were more right than i thought. >> interesting. >> it's a campaig
Nov 3, 2012 3:00pm EDT
hypocrisy of that claim. >> governor, philadelphia aside obama's biggest drop off has been among middle to upper class suburban women. why do you think that is? you know the state. >> because the economy is not doing well. pennsylvania's economy has taken a nose dive since i left. when i left -- well truth is truth. when i left we were 7.4% unemployment, almost two points below the national average. we're now above the national average by a third of a point. so, it's significant. but the economy has not done well and suburban women are conscious of the economy. you'll know right away in pennsylvania, you don't have to look far to see whether this will be a close race. just look at the turnout in philadelphia. if the turnout approaches '08 levels it's katie bar the door, philadelphia will give obama so many votes there's no way the rest of the state can come pen st. two the philadelphia suburbs. unless mitt romney is running close to even in a couple of those four suburban or five suburban counties, he has no chance to win the state. i'm not saying it won't happen but i think it's unlikely.
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
governor romney nor president obama has laid out a comprehensive plan with enough specificity that meets the criteria that i laid out as part of come back america initiative. neither one has. therefore, not being able to effectively analyze a plan like every other american, i have to go on leadership ability. i have to go on proven experience and track record. >> can i put it to you this day? we have a tax plan that doesn't add up. it sydromes major deficits unless you tell the middle class all the deductions are gone. you look at obama. one fundamental difference is he says you know what we're going food? we'll end the bush tax cuts for upper income earners. that is a step towards the clowing the deficit. i see more about addressing it from that alone from obama than anything from romney, which screams exploding deficit. >> you i go forred the fact that he's committed he will not allow the deficit to increase. in fact, he's willing to hold himself accountable for significant reduction in debt as a percentage to the economy. here's one thing about this. you can't play games with th
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)